10 beauty clinic secrets to looking and feeling amazing
March 5, 2020

10 beauty clinic secrets to looking and feeling amazing

Every day, the advice we get about looking our best seems to change - but as an expert team of beauty practitioners, we know that there are often simple ways to maintain great skin and a healthy body that really work.

Follow our insider tips to looking and feeling your best self yet!


#1. Wear sunscreen - every day of the year

Most of us only wear sunscreen in very hot weather. We tend to forget that that UV rays from the sun, even on a cloudy winter’s day, is one of the biggest factors in making us look older. UV rays contribute to a range of ageing skin complaints, including wrinkles, lines, crow’s feet and age spots.

We recommend using an SPF 30 or higher each morning, or wearing a moisturiser that contains SPF. If you’ve already developed noticeable lines and wrinkles, you could also try this Wrinkle Smoothing Treatment or RF Skin Tightening to significantly minimise their appearance.


#2. Change your pillowcase every few days

As we sleep, oil, dirt and sweat from our skin is transferred to our pillowcase, leading to the build up of bacteria in the fabric. If you suffer from stubborn acne that doesn’t seem to clear up, not changing your pillowcase or face towel regularly could be the culprit.

Try to change your pillowcase and face towel every three days, and keep the area clean. You can also regularly apply specialist skin creams like OSK Clean, or try a range of effective therapies like this Carbon Laser Facial and Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion, which can directly treat acne anywhere on the face or body.


#3. Exfoliate wherever you shave

If you’ve ever had an ingrown hair, you know how annoying they can be –especially on the face. Left untreated, they can become infected and painful,in some cases leading to larger lumps.

Exfoliating daily with products containing glycolic acid will lift away dead skin cells and allow the circulation of trapped air – but the only way you can really prevent ingrown hairs is to remove the hair altogether with either male or female laser hair reduction; a safe and virtually pain-free system that will save years of shaving and epilating.


#4. Double your water intake

Yes, we know that this isn’t anything new. But drinking more water really does have a huge impact on the appearance of your skin. Dehydration is the one of the primary causes of dark eye circles and dull skin, which can make you look years older than you are – as well as permanently exhausted.

However much water you’re drinking now (unless you’re already getting your 2 litres a day), double it. If you’re keen to remove existing dark circles, both an Enerpeel treatment and Derma FNS Micro-Needling can be very effective.


#5. Switch to a mineral-based make up

Oil based make ups can clog our skin with sebum, leading to the build up of bacteria. This can produce a range of skin problems including blackheads, whiteheads, large pores and acne.

As well as keeping your skin clean and reducing your intake of fatty foods like cakes, chocolate and biscuits, using a mineral-based make up will allow your skin to breathe and help to minimise problems. A deep Skin Analysis at our clinic will help you understand what’s going on beneath the surface and enable our practitioners to recommend the right cosmetics for you.


#6. Don’t neglect your squats

Regular cardio exercise like walking, jogging and swimming is enormously helpful to maintaining a toned body, but as we age, skin naturally begins to lose its elasticity which can leave us with sagging skin. Loose skin around the tummy can also be caused by pregnancy or rapid weight loss. 

To tighten things up, it’s important to do regular, intensive exercises;squats help to lift and tone your bum, while planking is great for flabby arms and loose stomach muscles. But if that doesn’t appeal, treatments like HIFU Face & Body Sculpting, or non-surgical breast and bum lifts can help.


#7. Get that mole checked out properly

It’s always a good idea to keep a close eye on any moles on your skin; they’re usually nothing to worry about, but if they start to itch, change colour or shape, begin to bleed or look uneven, they could be the first sign of melanoma, a type of skin cancer.

It’s essential to get them checked out, but you don’t have to wait for a doctor’s appointment - we offer a prompt and professional cancer screening service here at the clinic. If your mole is perfectly safe but you feel it’s unsightly, it can be removed quickly and painlessly with Cryptotherapy.


#8. Rethink your diet

This is another one that might seem obvious, but we tend to forget the impact certain foods can have on our appearance. Spicy foods, for instance, promote excessive sweating, while too much salty food dehydrates the skin, leading to advanced signs of ageing.

Fatty foods and sugar, however, are predictably the main culprits. Too much of either leads the body to store stubborn fat around the hips, waist,upper arms and thighs. This type of fat always seems hard to shift, no matter what you do, but it can be treated with a range of options like our Crypolipolysis Fat Freeze or Ultrasound Cavitation.


#9. Turn down your shower temperature

If you’re the type of person who likes their showers and baths hot enough to boil a lobster, we get it; there’s nothing like slipping into soothing hot water on a chilly day. Be wary of having it too hot, though; as well as damaging your hair, very hot water can aggravate skin conditions like rosacea,which can make your skin look red and inflamed in areas.

Go for warm, rather than scalding hot water, and avoid extreme temperatures if possible. If you’re struggling with rosacea, this refreshing Mandelic Acid Peel can help.


#10. Wear two shades of lipstick

Ever wished you had a pillowy pout to rival Angelina Jolie? You can counter thin lips by moisturising them regularly with an SPF chap stick (UV rays can age your lips too!) and wearing a slightly lighter shade of lipstick in the centre of your lips to create a fuller pout.

For ageing smiles and lips that have lost their volume, we also recommend a lip augmentation treatment to successfully restore their fullness.


If there’s a specific area of your skin and body that you’d like to address, the Body Perfection Laser Clinic in Willenhall, West Midlands has a wide range of treatments that could help you reduce or remove these problems once and for all.

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