Tebiskin® Hyal

Hyaluronic Acid has a wide range of functions, due to its ability to bind large amounts of moisture in the skin, providing a reservoir of water for skin cell health. Tebiskin® Hyal is an innovative cream that controls the level and quality of the skin’s Hyaluronic Acid; the antioxidant action slows down the breakdown of Hyaluronic Acid, while also increasing its rate of production. This combines intense moisturising action with a positive anti-ageing effect to maintain a smooth, healthy skin environment while combatting dehydration and loss of elasticity.

Skin ageing, antioxidant, hyaluronic acid biosynthesis stimulator

  • Acne, Spots & Oily Skin
  • Rosacea, Flushing, Blushing & Thread Veins
  • Pigmentation & Dark Marks
  • The Seven Signs of Ageing
  • Dry, Flaky and Dehydrated Skin