Tebiskin® Gly-C Strong

An innovative formulation designed to achieve a combined exfoliant and antioxidant action, with 50% more Glycolic Acid that Tebiskin® Gly-C. Following product use, the skin appears smoother and silkier, the visibility of fine lines and more ingrained wrinkles is reduced, and the overall skin tone seems more even, alive and uniform. Tebiskin® Gly-C Strong counters the accumulation of skin pigment and therefore the formation of dark marks, reducing the visibility of the eventually existing ones.

Antioxidant, anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing exfoliant evens skin tone for even the most severe cases

  • Acne, Spots & Oily Skin
  • Rosacea, Flushing, Blushing & Thread Veins
  • Pigmentation & Dark Marks
  • The Seven Signs of Ageing
  • Dry, Flaky and Dehydrated Skin