Tebiskin® EGF

Tebiskin® EGF Face Cream is designed specifically for improving skin structure, elasticity and tone with its excellent hydrating and soothing power. it improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, maintaining skin in a healthy condition for tone, radiant skin. Tebiskin® EGF contains Epidermal Growth Factors. the stimulating agents of EGF are Madecassic and Asiatic Acid Etherosides, which induce a greater up-regulation of collagen production by increasing the fibroblast mobility and proliferation. In also enhances the differentiation of keratinocytes and the direct stimulation of biosynthesis of elastin and Hyaluronic Acid.

Address loss of skin elasticity and enhance wound healing

  • Acne, Spots & Oily Skin
  • Rosacea, Flushing, Blushing & Thread Veins
  • Pigmentation & Dark Marks
  • The Seven Signs of Ageing
  • Dry, Flaky and Dehydrated Skin