Time to banish your excess hair?
December 31, 2019

Time to banish your excess hair?

We're very pleased to be offering the latest three-wave ice-cooled laser hair reduction technology at the Body Perfection Clinic here in the West Midlands.

This treatment is ideal for anyone who suffers from excess hair growth due to hormones, genetics, medications, hirsutism, PCOS or a variety of other contributing health problems.

It's also ideal for anyone who can't face another razor, hair removal cream or epilator - with our virtually pain-free treatment, you can banish unsightly hair anywhere on your face and body - forever!

Excess hair can be annoying and embarrassing, particularly when it grows around the chin, face and neck - but it's also time-consuming, especially in the summer, when you have to keep shaving areas like your legs, underarms and bikini line.

We offer both male and female laser hair reduction to address this problem, and this innovative treatment is not only the fastest on the market, but is safe and comprehensive too.

Book a consultation or treatment today, and banish that hair for good!

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